Top 10 questions for fulltimers 2

I have been working through lots of questions and doing lots of research over the last 3 years on fulltiming.

Here is a list of probably the most important questions I have been asking myself.

1) Do I need it?

Every extra KG of junk that you carry around adds to your running costs and reduces space and payload for more essential items. Before buying anything think do I need it and will I use it?

2) Will I be safe here?

When WildCamping, Before parking up anywhere for the night check the area out. Trust your feelings, if it feels hinkey move on. Always park facing the exist and leave enough space behind and in front to allow you some manouvering space just in case you need to ‘escape’ in the night. Don’t use external Silver Screens on your windscreen. Have you van in a ready to go state and have your clothes handy to put on in an emergency. Don’t drink alcohol when wildcamping.

3) How much fuel do I have left and where is the nearest place to get more.

This is not so much a problem in this country, but I ran out of Diesel once in France because the automated fuel stations didn’t accept my debit cards. I now fill up when I hit half a tank left as walking 7KM in 38C temperatures was not fun.

4) Should I sell my house or rent it.

For me personally after much humming and ahhing I decided to sell. What I did was find out how much rent I could get for the house. I then substracted 10% for agency fees and an additional 10% for repairs and maintenance. I then looked at the difference between the income and the mortgage + Insurance and I would end up paying to keep the house. If you can rent and get enough to cover the mortgage, can afford the house to be empty for up to two months a year and can afford to pay for any repairs then it may be worth considering renting it out. But if you will be out of pocket I reckon you would either need to sell or give up the idea of fulltiming.

5) How self sufficient do I want to be?

This will dictate what type of van you need.  I have seen a couple using a VW panel van un-converted and they toured round Europe following the sun and staying on sites with all facilities.  However if you want to wildcamp almost 100% you will need much larger tanks, gas cylinders and payload capacity.

6) Contingencies?

If you are fulltiming you have to have some sort of a plan for if your van suffers a serious mechanical breakdown,  gets in an accident or even worst case scenario gets stolen.  Have enough money saved to one side to put these plans into action.

7) If I lose my job/work what will I do while fulltiming?

Not really an issue as your costs will be much lower than if you were in a bricks and mortar house.  However some employers I am sure will require a fixed address to be able to offer you work.

Can you think of any other questions?  Please let me know and I will do my best to answer them for you….

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 questions for fulltimers

  • odelya

    I was wondering if you can tell us about the daily life in the rv parking. how do you get along with the neighbors and so on.
    thanks alot

  • Gromett Post author

    I will try and put a little post together about this for you. Neighbours tend not to be much of a problem if you pick your sites correctly.