Travelling with the cat

Time to travel,  the cat came with me on my wanders.  It picked its head off the cushion when the engine started then went back to sleep.  When I started moving it got up and jumped on the passenger seat to see what was happening.  After 2 minutes it was bored and went to sleep next to me.  It got up whenever I slowed down for a roundabout or traffic lights.  It jumped on the dashboard once but wasn’t too enthralled as it was slippery.

All in all he travels extremely well with no need to put him in a box.

When I got to my sisters I left the habitation door open and he went straight out to explore coming back whenever I shouted.  I gave him a little food each time he came back to encourage the behaviour.

I had put a flee collar on him with a name tag with my phone number just in case he decided to disappear off.

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