All the aires guide from Vicarious

I am not one to buy these books as I usual bimble about and find somewhere to park as and when I need it.  For the upcoming trip I will be travelling in convoy so we need to plan a little bit ahead.

The first look at the book was positive but when I got down to actually using it I found it wasn’t very clear or usable at all.

I know a couple of my favourite Aires and thought I would look them up first.  I got the number off the map (or what I thought was the right one) and the item number I looked at wasn’t even in the right grid reference.

After about 15 minutes I am now frustrated and unhappy.  This is not like me as I am extremely patient and not stupid when it comes to maps.

The numbering system appears to be  at random.  If you look for example for the Aire nearest the south of Rouen it gives you the number 84.  Is that page 84 or the Aire Number 84?

Tried using the Aire Number but this is in the Yellow Section of the book (Atlantic) so it must be page 84?  Nope this is also in the Yellow Section.   I don’t want to have to type in GPS.  I then went to the index thinking it might have the town names?  Nope Rouen is not listed.

Then it clicked.   Each SECTION has its own set of numbers starting at 1.  So there is a 1 in Atlantic, a 1 in Brittany etc etc.

Now that I have that figured out it is pretty good.  The directions to the first Aire I looked at were not correct.  The directions given will get you to the Aire but it is the back way in.  The main way in they say is not passable due to arches.  This is not the case as I have been through there many times in my Eura and Hymer without any issues.  An RV may “possibly” struggle however.

I am going to reserve judgement on the book for a bit and will post more as I get to studying our route.

The instructions in it are not very clear and better phrasing would have saved some frustration….

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