Paris tomorow

I get back to Paris Tomorow for an overnight stay. My train to London is at 3pm so I have some time in the morning and early afternoon to wander around again.

I am not a big fan of Paris with it’s pushy street vendors, “Helpful” Taxi touts at the train stations, beggars and dog muck everywhere. But the food is excellent if pricey, the architecture and museums are world class. I will probably take another look at Notre Dame and Grab a quick lunch before making my way to Gare Du Nord train station.

London on Monday (Whoohooo) Need to pop into a Data Center to do a Linux Kernel update. That server has an uptime measured in years not months so is well overdue for a Kernel update. The server itself is on an internal IP address range and doesn’t see the outside world. It just services a small greylist database and an dnsRBL black list. We need to upgrade the server to 4GB and the currently Kernel doesn’t support it >.<

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