I am staying at a friends house in Toulouse. He lived in my house for a year 9 years ago.

I have only been here a day but it strikes me as yet another city. The center has some beatiful architecture to visit if you are here but nothing that makes the trip worth doing on it’s own account. The Market in the town centre on Suday was interesting and apparently it is very busy normally. I went on the Sunday between Christmas and New Years so it wasn’t that busy. The Metro is very quick and efficient.

Toulouse has a speciality of candied violet petals and other violet flavoured confectionary which is quite nice.

The Garonne and the Canal du Midi passes through Toulouse and was used in a food documentary by the famous Celebrity Chef Rick Stein. That series is well worth a watch.

Anyway Tomorow will be my first real day to explore and I am hoping first impressions are wrong and I find a beatiful city with lots to see.

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