Toulouse update

I am back in VilleFranche de Lonchat now which is half way between Bordeaux and Bergerac. I am afraid to say that Toulouse is not my favorite City. I had a really good night out at an Irish Bar and met some natives of Toulouse who were great guys. I had a wander round the park at the center of the City which has a couple of nice features. I also had a walk along a part of the Canal Du Midi which was pleasant enough considering it was in the middle of such a big City. In the City Center there is the old “Dungeon” as my friend called it. It is now the Tourist office. The building is Beatiful and the Tourist center inside is pretty good with very helpful staff.

We then went onto the Town Hall. The story behind the paintings inside the building is brilliant and the paintings themselves are well worth viewing if you are there.

I have a reason to visit the City with my friend living there but if it wasn’t for that I would probably not go back again.

I would just like to point out that I am not a big fan of Cities so my views do tend to be a little bit coloured by this. If you like big cities then you may have a better experience of it.

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