Another Attempt at getting into photography

I am currently in the South of France at a friends house in the middle of nowhere. I went out for a walk and for once took the camera out. I am so glad I did.
There had been a major frost and the sun had only just burnt it off. The leaves had a wet coating with small dew drops on them. The colours just punched at me.
This really suprised me as I am a real techy type and don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but that one leaf on the floor shouted at me. I took a picture of it and then carried on with my eyes open.

I passed a tree that had fallen and couldn’t believe in the middle of winter this dead tree was budding. When I looked closer I saw all kinds of Mold and Lichen growing on the broken branches and twigs. I will try and post a few of those pictures on this blog. The trick here for me was the sun was low in the sky (early morning) The frost had just disapeared, the air was clear and the sky was cloudless. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time and actually seeing it.

The Lesson I have learnt from this is that I will always carry my camera with me, I will always keep my eyes open and look for the right sort of light and interesting subjects. I will also look for the small as well as the big landscapes as the Macro (I think that is the term) is quite often as interesting if not more so than the big landscapes.

Now I am not sure if these pictures are any good and I am sure my technique is lousy but I feel these are the best pictures I have ever taken and I love them. I have used the lichen on a twig one as my Computers Desktop image. This is the first time I have wasted computer resources on an image for the Desktop 🙂

Lichen on a Log

Lichen on a Log

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