All major components now chosen

Here is a run down of the equipment I will be installing.  This just covers the major cost items so far.  I have not settled on a final layout for the van yet as I don’t know the full size of the vehicle until it is actually bought.
I will be using copious amounts of chalk on the floor trying out different layouts rather than using a CAD program to try and design it virtually.  Anyway on with the component selections.

As per my previous post the heating and hot water system are as follows

  • Propex Heatsource 2800 for blown warm air
  • Malaga MkIII GE for the hot water

I did think about the cheaper Heatsource 2000,  but decided it would be better to be over specced than under specced.  I like the Malaga as it has Gas and Electric heating capabilities and can be used independently or in combination.

For the Charger/Battery/Invertor I will be using

  • Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 inverter/charger/powermanager along with 4 x 200AH Batteries.

I already have this in my current vehicle and will be transferring it across.  It is a fantastic system that has served me well over the years.  It allows me to use all my normal domestic equipment such as a full size PC, Domestic electric iron, vacuum cleaner etc when off hookup.  It also has power management facilities whereby I can set the input current limiter.  For example in france and uk CL’s I have this set to 4Amps to prevent me tripping breakers.

The water/waste tanks will be from Cak tanks as follows

  • 2 x Tank type 180 440 Litre for fresh water and Grey water waste.
  • 1 x Tank type 156 156 litre for Black waste.

The 156 Black tank is made like a step so that it can be mounted internally in the van with a step up to the toilet.  I didn’t want to mount this underneath the van as defrosting a black waste tank would be my worst nightmare.
Unfortunately I cannot see any way to mount the Grey water tank internally as the internal height of the van doesn’t allow me enough head room to put in a false floor for the shower.  The only way I can think of achieving an internal waste tank is to have a small intermediate tank for the shower with a pump that allows me to pump it into the main (180) tank after each shower.  It is something I am considering.

The black tank will be connected via a mascerator to an internally mounted hose real for emptying.  I am looking at ways to use this to empty the waste water tank also with a fresh water flush system to clean the hose.

For the Gas supply I did look at an underslung LPG tank but budget constraints mean I am now going for

  • Twin Gaslow system, with internal switch and meter.

The Gaslow system although not my perfect solution is about half the price of an underslung tank.

For insulation I am going to be using a spray foam system and will be ripping out all the panels to do this.  This is my perfect solution but may change depending on the construction of the vehicle which I won’t know until it is in my hands.  If the spray foam solution is not practical or the vehicle is already well insulation I will drop down to using kingspan for the windows that I will be blocking off.

The floor I will be using kingspan on along with a decent Marine ply top covering.  I am not looking forward to that job to be honest.

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