Bad News for the self build project

My house is not selling unfortunately and I am extremely keen to get full timing. If I was to wait it could be May before the house sells then it would take 3 months to do the build fully which would mean I would miss this summer in France. I have decided to drop the price of the house to such a level that it is a real bargain and this will hopefully get it sold quick. However this leaves the budget somewhat short.

What I now plan to do is full time In my 8Mtr Eura Mobil for this year and start my Self Build towards the end of the year when I get back from France. This will give me some time to experience full timing and also to make more detailed plans for the Self Build.

This is not an end to the project merely a small delay….

I have created a new catagory called FullTiming which will cover my experiences of full timing.

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