Big progress and big problems

I started very early today, I got my main work done then started on the van.  I ripped out the ceiling sheets and kitchen.  Well I tried to rip out the kitchen but realised that I couldn’t get the back panel out because the gas pipes were routed through a hole in the middle.  This was a major disaster as it meant I couldn’t get to the rear bottom half of the sliding door to attach the ply panels I would make later in the day and I would also have problems with the carpet fitting.

Oh well, I thought I would worry about that when I got to it and proceeded onto the next job.  I spray insulated the rest of the roof and parts of the sliding door panel around the window.  This is where the next big problem occurred. I shut the door and locked it to go and get some lunch from the local cafe.  When I got back the sliding door wouldn’t open. It was totally jammed shut.

I climbed in through my emergency exit doing some damage in the process and finally managed to get the door open.  What had happened is that the expanding foam had found a point at the top left to squeeze through into the channel and had seized the link that runs down the left side of the door.  Now this channel is not accessible at all so it took a lot of cursing, cutting, jiggling and wedging to get the link un-jammed.  After two hours I had the door working again.

With that done I removed the internal panel from the Seitz window and cut 2 pieces of ply to size to fit the two recessed areas of the door.  I then marked up and cut the hole for the window.   I then stuffed the door full of the eco insulation that is made from recycled plastic bottles.  It is non itch and very nice to work with.   The top piece of ply simply screwed into the frame that the window was mounted in.  The bottom panel made me curse some more as there was no way of securing it at the bottom and bottom left.  I still have to work out how to fit this properly.  Currently it is held in with some PU glue and it seems pretty solid.

I then fitted the carpet lining to the door.  This went pretty well and looks good.  There are one or two spots where I have cut it a little bit roughly due to not being able to get decent access but you can’t really see this as it is obscured by the kitchen unit.

I then got onto fitting the kitchen sink unit and work surface.  Yet again I ran into another problem.  The previous sink had the taps in the middle of the counter, this one has them all the way to the left and my pipes didn’t reach.  After a lot of messing about I put a quick fit elbow joint onto the existing pipe and routed it up to the sink.  Not 100% happy with this but I can swap the elbows out at a later date for a straight piece.  It does mean a join in the pipe that shouldn’t have been necessary but when you change your plans these things happen.

Anyway, back to work.  I still have to connect the new hob to the gas manifold and re-assemble the rest of the kitchen.

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