Bit more work done, massive thunderstorm and plans have changed

Well my travel companion for the trip down to Spain has had to pull out due to vehicle difficulties.  I am a bit disappointed to be honest as I was looking forward to the trip.

But being the eternal optimist I am looking for the silver lining.   I am therefore postponing setting off for 2 weeks so I can keep an eye on my Mum for a couple more weeks.  She had an infection to the wound after her surgery and this has delayed the healing process.  I am now happy to be staying for an extra two weeks which will allow me to ensure that she can get up and down stairs ok before I go.  It also allows me to build up a bit more of a financial buffer before I set off.

Today was not quite as productive as I hoped.  I didn’t have hookup today until around 3pm so couldn’t finish off the vinyl wrapping which was the next job on my list.  I did however manage to get it finished.  I was just about to start on the last deadlock when it clouded over rather rapidly.   I quickly packed all the tools away and went into the house to have a coffee.  A few minutes later there was a lot of flashes outside then the roll of thunder.  It absolutely sluiced it down.

Oh well,  I have 3 weeks now to fit the last deadlock, finish rewiring the van and finish the Gaslow system.   Plenty of time providing I get at least one more dry day…….