Bulkhead rough fitted, more lining done ran out of daylight. 1

What a day.  I cut the holes in the bulk head to allow access to the over cab storage area.  I also made the internal frame work and cut the sheeting for inside the storage area.  All these parts were lined and by the end of the day I had them rough fitted but not glued/screwed into place.  It is too dark now to finish it today so tomorrow is the day to complete this.

I also insulated and lined the side panel between the sliding door and the passenger door.

Here is a picture of the bulkhead.  The top hole is for access to the storage area above the cab.  The bottom area allows access to the cab.

This has been lined with the trunk liner I forgot to take a picture after I had lined it sorry.

Bulkhead framing

This is the base of the shelf.  There is a strip of 50mm by 25 mm glued and screwed before I lined it.  The face piece in the picture above will attach to this strip and the strip itself will be glued to the metal edge of the frame that holds the cab roof in place.

Shelf Base Lined

The big roll of insulation you can see on the floor is made from recycled bottles.  I am packing this in to the gap between the spray foam and the ply lining as an added layer of insulation and it also makes the ply panels sound more solid when rapped with your knuckles.

Here is a picture of the side lining.  The lining looks really good and professional.  This picture was taken prior to final trimming though.
The top right of this lining is the access to the over cab storage area and the front panel/bulkhead will cover this area of lining.

Side Panel

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One thought on “Bulkhead rough fitted, more lining done ran out of daylight.

  • Lindsey

    This is much better than watching Blue Peter make Tracey Island out of washing up liquid bottles, newspaper and cereal boxes