Bus Length and 3G aerials 1

I had some problems with my 3G last week,  it kept dropping the connection.  Now this is straight after I had installed Windows 7 so I was thinking of blaming the OS.

However I ordered a 3G aerial with magnetic base.  I have been running it now for 4 hours without a single drop out and the speed seems to be better.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

Today I have both the Van and the Bus parked next to each other.  I was told the bus was 9.6Mtr long.  Turns out it is closer to 8.6 🙂

Tomorrow will the first real days work on the Bus,  I have had a relaxing weekend and I am raring to get started now.  The plan for tomorrow is to strip out the 2 sets of bunk beds and get the last 3 windows sprayed.  Will have to see how I get on as the beds are well bolted in.

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