Busy Couple of Days, New Van, Windows 7 and flyscreens

I have replaced the flyscreens in all the roof vents,  I did one and it was a beatiful clean white and made the rest look grubby.  It all looks good now.  The supplier I mentioned in my last post was excellent and I would recommend them.

I installed Windows 7 3 days ago and BOY has Micro$oft got it right this time.  No one is more surprised than me, I hate Microsoft products but have to say 7 is spot on.

I have just finalised a deal to buy a part converted Optare MetroRider Bus.  This 9.6Mtr beast will make a marvellous motorhome.  I will be picking it up on Sunday with some assistance from my Brother In Law.  I will post pictures as soon as I get it.  I am a little concerned as I will be moving into it pretty quickly and it has no insulation so this may be a very cold winter for me….

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