Busy Day – Getting Van ready for the off.

I had a friend round today helping me sand the last panels ready for vinyl wrapping.  I also repainted the generator box which ended up as a disaster as the paint was too thick and it has run.  That will be a big sanding job in a few weeks.

I gave the generator the first test of the year after not using it for over 6 months.  It took a little longer than usual to start but chugged away nicely.

I have ordered the last length of vinyl wrap and some really useful boxes to rejig the storage at the rear of the van.   Things are starting to come together now.

I have the MOT to do next month.  I am doing this as early as is allowed to give me time to get any further work done that needs doing.  If I can afford it this year I will get the gear box fixed as well.

I also ordered a new dump/frost protect valve that has quick fit fittings.  The current one has the hose/jubilee connections and I don’t trust these.  That will be a job for when I am off site though.

I think this is going to be a busy week.

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