Busy day today and it’s not over yet

I finished off attaching the flue to the boiler today and screwing it down.

That was a bit of a mess around but after an hour it was all in.

I then routed the copper pipe from the point where the gas bottles are going to be to the manifold.  This was a lesson in the properties of copper unfortunately.  Please note I will be boxing the manifold in and making a drop vent through the floor at a later time.

With that done I started on sheeting out the head of the bed and the cupboard where the Bus fuse box is.  This was a fiddly job as none of the edges were straight or square and I only have a hand saw.  I will end up looking like popeye at this rate.

Putting the first section in to cover the back of the drivers side window (not the bit I use)

Anyway the head of the bed is now pretty much framed and I just have to put the hinged door in to allow access to the fuse panel.  It is not the neatest of panelling jobs but it is very solid and once the liner has been applied it will look ok I think.

I am now going into town for an hour to get a box of screws and something to eat.  I am hoping to get another 2 hours in this afternoon and get the foot of the bed sheeted and the extra legs and support for the bed frame installed.  Once this is done I can order the ply for the base of the bed precut to save me a lot of work.

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