Chill out day today

After all the rushing about this last two weeks I am going to have a chill out day today.  I may clear the bus out later and maybe doing some programming but I am not going to rush about like a nutter.  Tomorrow I am finishing off the new computer table and shelving.

Last night I finally screwed and glued the shower/toilet room all together to make it permanent.

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and my list of jobs to do has shrunk considerably for the first time in months.  Here is what I have left to do.

  • Finish new table and shelves.
  • Make small trim panel for side of wardrobe
  • Glue up backing for new shower door and install in shower.
  • Finish up doors for boiler box.
  • Varnish the panels inside the back door of the van
  • Install Sterling Battery 2 Battery charger.
  • Sort and empty the storage unit.
  • sort out upholstery and curtains.

And that is pretty much it except for loads of little jobs such as trims.  For example I need to install corner trim round the bathroom door and finish trimming the liner around the sliding door.  Lots of little things like that but I can do them anywhere at any time I feel like it.

I also need to take some photo’s but as I have stacks of boxes in the van at the moment this is not practical.

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