Collected Cushions what a palaver

I had the route all planned out, nice and straight forward.  got halfway there and there was a police road block for an accident I presume.  There were no diversion signs so I took the first turn in the hopes of skirting it and getting back on route.  Ended up on a single track road for about 5+ miles and the Artics coming in the other direction had obviously had the same idea.  Needless to say after getting stuck on the verge twice and having to reverse in total almost a mile I was a little late.

I got there and a rather dirty oily teenager came out with the cushions on a cart that was about 4″ off the floor.  I took one look at the cushions and regretted buying them.  But I had ‘won’ the auction….

They are the mangiest looking cushions I have ever seen and the smell off them is not too pleasant either.  The ebay auction states “THEY ALL WOULD PROBERLY BENEFIT FROM A GOOD CLEAN”. I reckon they would proberly benefit from a trip to the landfill 🙁

Anyway, I will take the covers off and run them through the laundrette to see if it helps any otherwise it will be another £120 wasted…

Needless to say I will not be buying soft furnishings unseen off ebay again….

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