Corner Panel 3

I have finished rough fitting of the corner panels.

Because the wall meets the ceiling at greater than 90 Degrees cutting the corner blocks was not a fun job.

As you can see, one side is at 45 degrees the other is at a greater angle

I then drilled them to prevent splitting when screwing.

Corner Blocks cut and drilled

As you can see in the picture below I went a bit mad with the spray foam which I will need to scrape and clean before fitting the wall lining.  There is a 2cm gap between the wood and the metal for routing lighting cables.  The ceiling panel is distorted by the spray foam but this will fit almost flush to the wall board.

Attaching the corner blocks

This is the panels rough fitted. I need to trim a bit of the spray foam from behind the ceiling panels so that the panels sit flat.
Whilst the panel is off I will cut a hole for the light fittings.  The led strip pvc taped to the window is a temporary measure so that I can see what I am doing until the permanent lights are fitted.

Before applying the final lining material I will be filling any gaps and dints to give a smooth surface.

Rough fitted

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3 thoughts on “Corner Panel

  • Gromett Post author

    The only bit I am going to get stuck on is the upholstery. Any chance of you knitting me some covers 😀