Current Plans

I have been asked why I am doing what I am doing so here goes.

I wanted to get rid of my Eura mobil motorhome and do a self build for a couple of reasons,  the main ones being the cost of the finance on my Eura and the layout not being ideal for fulltiming solo.

I have bought a Bus to convert but maintaining two vehicles at the same time is proving to be a serious drain on my budget so the plan is to get the bus habitable really quickly.  The bus will not be perfect and will look a little rough and basic to start with.  But once I have moved into it and sold the the Eura I will be much better off and will be able to put a lot of work into the Bus to get it to a standard that I want.

I am building everything using just screws so that I can disassemble individual sections to rebuild in higher quality materials at a later date.  The secondary advantage to this is I can live with the layout for a while and change it easily as I find niggles, rather than doing it all and then finding out the problems which I can’t change without great expense.

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