Failed the MOT AGAIN!!!! 2

Yup, It failed again.  Front brakes binding and this is after new disk and pads.  Also the rear light has what appear to be an earth fault.  If any rear lights are on and you put the indicators on the other lights dim when the indicator light is lit.  Should be a straight forward fix but still irritating.

The bus buyer is arriving today at around 12:30.  After they leave I STILL won’t know if they are going to pay for it.  Seriously annoyed now.

After they go, I am back onto doing some joinery work.  I have to make a new door for the smaller wardrobe and make some shelving for above the fridge incorporating an air circulation vent for the back of the fridge. Oh the joy…

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2 thoughts on “Failed the MOT AGAIN!!!!

  • Gromett Post author

    That is what I assumed also but obviously not when it comes to ebay……..
    They paid today though so all is well again.