Fettling the vinyl wrap

I noticed a few air bubbles today in the middle of the panel.  I used a fresh stanley knife blade to make a small slit of about 1mm.  I then pushed the air out and then rubbed over the area with a teflon squeegie.  This worked perfectly and the panel looks great.

In the recesses of the panel there are placed where the vinyl doesn’t sit totally flat to the indentation.  I have heated the vinyl up and pushed the vinyl all the way in.  This has also worked and I am guessing that by the time I have finished doing this the whole panel will look great.

The material is extremely forgiving providing you do it in +15C temperatures.  I have been pulling it about like an idiot due to my inexperience and it hasn’t torn, creased or otherwise damaged the finish.  I am very impress with it.

One quick tip.  When installing leave a good 12″ of extra material round the edges as this will allow you to pull it flat.  It also gives you run off that you can push the wrinkles etc onto.  I cut too early and on 3 places there is a wrinkle right at the edge of the panel only about 5 mm or so.  Because I trimmed it back to soon I can’t get these out easily.  I will attempt to get it out on sunday.

Another quick tip.  In one place near the wheel arch I filled a dint and sanded it down.  I can see where I did this on the vinyl.  You really need to prep the body work as good as if you were going to paint it.

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