Filling gaps and fitting lights.

I have filled in the gaps between the roof sheeting so that the lining will go on perfectly.  I have also installed one of the halogen light fittings.

I will have 3 halogens (10 Watt)  fitted down the center of the van and then use LED for normal everyday use around the sides.  The halogens are for flooding the van with large amounts of light as occasionally the LED lighting doesn’t quite cut it.  I have an LED light above my computer desk, One over the bed.  I also have one above the wardrobe, above the kitchen sink and in the shower/bathroom.  These are great for single point usage and are all individually switched to save power.  There are occasions for example in the morning when I am in the shower, then the wardobe  while boiling the kettle etc that it would be nice to have flooded lighting for the whole van.  This will be for no more than 15 minutes at a time so I don’t mind the having 30 Watts of lights on at this time.


Filling the panels and light installed.

As you can see at the bottom middle of the picture I still have some corner blocks to install.  I am leaving this until I have all the kitchen racking in as I will need access to add extra LED lighting.

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