Final big order placed

I have placed the final big order for materials today including the kitchen work surface.  It will be arriving tomorrow and I can make a last push to finish the internal structure.

When trying to describe where abouts on the build I am at the moment I use the terms, Structure, Infrastructure and finishings.  By structure I mean anything fixed like beds, shower room walls, kitchen units and bench seating.  Infrastructure is power, gas, water and waste plumbing and lighting etc.  Finishings are wall linings, wood panelling, carpeting and other flooring, wall tiles, curtains, blinds and painting.

The order that is delivered tomorrow will allow all the structural work to be finished totally.  I reckon there is about 8 hours solid work to get this finished.

The infrastructure work shouldn’t take long at all.  I have to install the Victron Multiplus,  finish off running fresh and waste pipes and run a 12v supply to the water pump and boiler.  I estimate this will take 2-3 hours plus about 2 hours for moving the batteries across and locating them securely.  The finishing work will be ongoing for months even after I move in.

I am hoping to be able to afford the lining tomorrow and will be able to totally finish the bedroom area to a good standard including the built in wardrobe and under the bed drawers.  I have found a set of drawers at Focus that looks like it fits,  I going to measure the gap tomorrow and go back to see if they will fit.  At £30 per set they are a bargain and will finish off the bedroom area nicely.

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