Finally have the parts

I now have a water tank, a tiny sink, a water pump, the pipework and some fittings.

1 of the fittings is missing which is the one for the tank itself.

1 of the fittings is the wrong type. and I don’t know what happened to the elbow joints I wanted as they are not even on the order sheet they sent with the parts.

All in all I am not overly impressed with CAK tanks.  They have not kept me informed even during two phone calls to them.  They have recommended one part wrongly and missed an essential part off the list.

If anyone know where I can buy 12mm quick fit connectors for plastic pipes I would appreciate it.  Here is what the existing ones look like that are correct.



I am sorry about the crappy pictures.  The top one shows what the internals of the connector are like the bottom one shows the JG logo on the connector.

I am looking for 12mm elbow connectors.  John Guest doesn’t appear to do this size according to their website and I am not sure if the JG logo above is actually for the official John Guest parts?

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