Foot of bed now sheeted in and bed finished

I finished sheeting the base of the bed.

Before Sheeting,

After Sheeting,  I had to sikaflex some supports behind the sheet as this is only 5.5mm sheet on this side.

After that was finished I added supports to the head and foot of the bed to take the base and a middle crossbar.

Tomorrows jobs are as follows;

  • Measure sheet size for base of bed.
  • Line top half of bottom of bed but don’t fit (need to feed water pipes through)
  • Frame out base for shower
  • Add channel to bathroom floor to route pipes through for kitchen and toilet sink.
  • Feed pipes for hot/cold water and waste pipes.
  • Measure up internal walls for shower area
  • make sink surround
  • remove carpet from roof in shower area and remove light fitting.
  • Tile roof of shower area.

If I can get that lot done then Mondays order for cut to size wood will finish off the Bus’s structure and all that will be left is finishing jobs such as cupboard doors, shelves and seating.  This I hope to do over the weekend and be able to take monday off.  Tuesday should see the wood delivery and a lot of work to finish off the structural stuff.

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