Gaslow Cabinet Built

I have decided to go for the gaslow system as the biggest size of underslung tank I can fit is too small.  I will be installing the double 11KG system with manual changeover.

Today I finished lining out the rear storage area and installing the carcass for the gas cabinet.  I will be lining this with 2mm aluminium sheeting.  I ran out of gas today so moved from my usual 19KG to 11KG gas bottles which allowed me to build it all.  Tomorrow I will be making the rest of the storage shelving in the back so I can fit my washing machine.  I will fill the rest of the space with custom shelving for any other items I will be storing there.  I am also going to be making some racks mounted to the doors for putting things like hose pipes,  tap connectors and other regularly used items.  This will save me having to rummage through drawers and storage boxes when I move sites.

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