Getting seriously hacked off now.

Today I was supposed to be doing another panel or two of vinyl wrapping but as usual the BBC weather forecast was wrong.  It rained all day until about 3pm by which time it was too late to start.

I have so many jobs to get done and they all either require good weather or £100 of parts which either haven’t arrived or I can’t afford yet.  I have a list of jobs/parts to buy that should only take about 2 weeks and £2000 to do.  I am hoping that I can at least get the main ones done before the launch date.

I really can’t wait to get on the road again as I have now been stuck back in Retford for 5 months and it’s starting to get me down a little now.

Hopefully the liner material will arrive on Monday so I can get the side door, roof insulation and new kitchen surface fitted.

If things pick up the blog should start getting interesting again in a couple of weeks….

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