Introduction to My Self Build Motorhome

I have been working non stop with very few holidays or even weekends off for the last 11 years and am now looking for a break. I am not rich so can’t afford to just bunk off.

I am selling my house and using the (rapidly reducing) proceeds to convert a 7.5T Iveco 75E15 Truck into an almost luxury Motorhome. I have owned two motorhomes in the past

  • A 6Mt Hymer with Raised Rear bed above a garage
  • And now an 8Mtr Eura Mobil.

While both of these vehicles are very nice they both lacked in certain areas that make them unsuitable for me to live in for up to 2 years at a time. The main one being the Thetford Cassette toilet system which I hate with a vengeance.

The new vehicle will be built by me for me to my specs. Within the section of my blog I will cover the progress from Design to finished product.

I will post more details on the initial design as I have time.

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