Kitchen Worksurface in… Sort of.

I am still feeling run down and getting out of breath easily today due to last weeks cold but I cracked on and managed to get the kitchen work surface installed.  After it was in I realised that it is too long and I can’t get the end panels on so tomorrow I will be tearing it down and trimming the long side down by 24mm and re-assembling.  I will then need to cut the work surface to size to fit it.

I am giving up for today as I feel really drained and am continuously having to stop to get my breath.  The cold last week seemed too bad to be a cold but didn’t put me down like the only time I have had flu.  I usually never get colds or Flu’s so this has been an experience I never want to repeat.

Hopefully I will have my energy back tomorrow for getting the kitchen finished and the bench seating installed.

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