Leak Free at last

Back at the beginning of May I replaced the connections to my boiler with new John Guest Speedfit connectors to replace the leaky jubilee clip type hose pipe ones.

I tried to do the kitchen sink tap at the same time but found I would have to strip the whole work surface out to get to the connectors. During finding this out I messed up the gas pipe which then developed a slow leak. This was not serious enough to warrant emergency action but it did mean I had to use the cutoff to the kitchen after each use. So if I wanted to boil the kettle I had to switch the gas on. If I forgot to turn it off it took about an hour but I could then smell gas.

Well today I finally got round to stripping the kitchen down. I took the whole unit into the factory and had a large workbench to work on. It is now all back together in the van with the new tap which is totally leak free and the gas leak has been cured.

I also finally got the catches put on the boiler cupboard doors so they now sit flush…

Quite a productive day…

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