More done today 3

Well the supplies arrived at 2pm today but I was missing the kitchen Worktop which will be delivered on Tuesday.

I lifted the floor next to the bed and got the insulation down,  unfortunately 50mm insulation is too big to go all the way under the bed so the front is only partially insulated at the moment.

I then moved onto blanking out the right hand double entry door.  This is now ready for a door frame between the living and driving area.  I also got the gas Cabinet made out of 18mm ply.  I had to go with an internal one as there are structural bars across all the walls except for the rear one which is not a place I can put the cylinders.  However on the upside it means no going out at night to change cylinders now.

I insulated the hole in the washroom ceiling and fitted the ply covering.  I also fitted the two panels to the entrance to the washroom ready to install a door.

I had a couple of ideas today which I will measure up tomorrow to see if they are practical.  The foot of the bed is the washroom wall,  I am thinking of making a hole big enough for the toilet to fit through and mount it on a sliding platform so that when it is not in use it slides under the bed.  The space it will go into is not really usable as it has the boiler at the back and the gas manifold at the front so the dead space there would be useful as a toilet storage place.

I am going to fit some book shelves above the head of the bed as this space is not usable for anything else and it will be handy to have my books to hand.  I will also install some 12V electric sockets there for mobile chargers and my ebook charger.

I am also thinking about extending the 2 washroom walls and putting 2 doors in them so that the washroom is the full width of the Bus,  It would mean taking out the window on the passengers side of the bus to restore privacy but the bigger wash room would be a bonus.  It would also mean that the kitchen area and the bedroom area are separated by 2 doors meaning a reduction in cooking smells into the sleeping area.

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3 thoughts on “More done today

  • Gary Box

    Hi Karl,

    Good to see the self build is coming along nicely. Will be good to see it when it’s finished. I’m coming up to a month of fulltiming myself now and learning lots and enjoying it. I have a blog too and wanted to know if you would be interested in trading links. My site address is


  • Gromett Post author

    Hi Gary,
    I will read through your site tomorrow. I have had a quick look and added it to the menu on the main page of my site. I look forward to meeting up in the near future 🙂

  • Gary Box

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for adding the link, added a link to your site from my blog. Yes would be good to meet up sometime, sounds like you are going to be fixed in Lincolnshire for a while yet so might be easier if I come up to you.

    All the best