More lining done.

I have used the last of the liner to do the kitchen / Bathroom entrance area.  I ordered some more last night when I realised I had used more than I expected on the over cab storage area and bulk head.

First of all I fitted the light and corner blocks.

Light and blocks in

I then fitted the panel and filled the top edge to give a smooth transition for the liner.

Cover fitted and filled.

This is with the liner installed but prior to trimming.

Liner Installed

All trimmed and looking good.  Well in the flesh it looks good the pictures not so much….

Liner installed and trimmed

I now have a load of scrap pieces which I am going to use to do the door frame below the roller and the small panel between the back of the kitchen and the side wall.  This should make it look quite a bit better.  Please note I will be putting in some quadrant beading where the wall meets the ceiling.

The bathroom door you can see in the picture is a temporary one just so I can use the shower.  I will be trimming out the door frame and installing the new door hopefully next week.

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