Mortice and Tenons make great doors

I was able to have 4 solid days in the joinery workshop this week so I redid all the doors that I had made with lap joints basically because they were not up to a standard I could stare at for the next 2 years.

I have redone all the doors using mortice and tenon joints done on large industrial machines.  I also made a custom jig for recessing the hinges.  this meant that fitting the hinges was literally a 2 minute job on each door.

The only jobs I have left to do now are fitting the fridge vents and connecting the gas to it.  And rerouting some of the 12V cabling.  After that it is trim and finishings only that need doing.  All the major stuff is then done.

I also took the opportunity to use a proper PU varnish on the new doors rather than this new fangled water based stuff.  The PU stuff is just so much better no matter what the manufacturers say.

I now have hundreds of pictures which I will hopefully get round to resizing and publishing shortly.  I will be putting these in date order along with a note on each one.  I am aiming to free up enough time to do this within the next 2 weeks.

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