Moved In 1

I moved into the Bus last night.  No facilities so it was a pretty boring night.  I got the electrics to the water pump and boiler finished today.  When I switched it on water jetted from 3 different places which caused a bit of a panic.  I have got it sorted pretty quickly though.  I now have water running to the kitchen sink and will be connecting the gas tomorrow to give me hot water.  I am also finishing the bench seating and closing off one of the windows tomorrow.  I think it is going to take me a week to get the van comfortable but it is liveable at the moment thanks to the nice weather.

Monday to Wednesday was a mad panic to strip all the panelling and framing out to do it all again in a new wood I found.  The difference in appearance is amazing and the Bus looks so much better for it.  At current count I have built and rebuilt the Bus 4 times now.  This is the final one though and I will be sticking with this layout.

I am taking pictures as I go and will post them next time I get on a decent internet connection.

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One thought on “Moved In

  • Pieter

    Good to read you now have a layout and finish you are pleased with. Enjoy reading your blog.

    Looking forward to pics of the (near) finished product.