New kitchen unit and sliding window

I lost my wallet last week and it put a hold on any work I wanted to do.  Got the new card on Friday and a quick trip to Magnums I bought a new sink and sliding window for the side door.

I now have all the parts except the wall lining so this week will get very busy for me finishing the van.

The new kitchen unit is a combined double hob and sink with split glass covers.  I can wait to get this in and put the camping hob into storage…

I also bought some of the recycled bottle based insulation.

The plan is as follows;

  • Strip the middle ceiling panel and over kitchen cabinet and apply the spray insulation.
  • Strip down the kitchen,  install the bulk insulation into the sliding door, spray insulation around the window frame.
  • Install the new sliding window in the side door and panel the door.
  • Cut the new worktop (taken from the Bus) and install the new kitchen unit.
  • Reassemble the kitchen, remount the over kitchen cabinet and roof panel.
  • Connect up the services to the sink/hob
  • Stuff the gap between the kitchen and side wall with the recycled bulk insulation.

I think there is a good 2 days work in there but I will have to crack on with it as I will be without a kitchen during the process.

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