New tap in bathroom sink

Originally I planned to only have the shower/tap in the bathroom.  I did it this way to keep the plumbing as simple as possible.

However soon after installation I realised that the shower is not a good place to get water for teeth brushing and it is a pain having to get a cup of fresh water from the kitchen each time.

So today I decided to install the old kitchen tap in the bathroom sink.  What I hadn’t realised is that I had built the shower room too solidly and it has taken me two hours to get the pipes routed in.  However I now have it all installed and just need to drain the water system to install the T Pieces for the supply.

The waste pipe is causing me a little concern as well as it popped out when I pulled the sink unit out and I can’t be certain it is fully sealed again.  I am taking a 10 minute break and will go back and re do that and drain the system etc.

I also managed to get some of the trim in between the roof and the wall.  As it is not 90 Degrees it took a lot of messing about on the chop saw to get the angle right but It looks reasonable now and once the wall lining is on it will look fine.

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