New Van, Break Down and pictures 2

I got the new van yesterday,  I picked it up from Central London at Battersea and got to the A1 where it promptly broke down.Driving through London for the first time in a vehicle this size was an interesting experience to say the least but went without any problems.

I filled up with diesel before hitting the A1.  Crikey its a big tank 150Liters.  Anyway after the Hatfield tunnel it started cutting out intermittently and this got worse.  a few more miles up the road it stopped all together.  I put the hazards on then started phoning around for help.  118118 could only give me the AA, RAC and Green Flags numbers so I tried the AA.  After 20 minutes of being on hold they told me they couldn’t help but asked me where I was and they would recommend someone for me.  They gave me two numbers.  After talking to the first guy for 10 minutes to decide if he could fit me on his truck he asked where I was.  When I told him the phone went quiet for a second and he said “But I am in Sunderland”.  So much for local numbers the AA gave me.

Luckily I had my Laptop with me, but it had limited batteries so my first port of call was a plea for help on motorhome facts.  Then I went onto google and started searching.  I found 3 companies and was about to start calling when DABs texted me with a number.  This company couldn’t help but gave me another number which might be able to.  Hurray to MHF and Dabs especially.

After some more discussion, he agreed to send out a diesel fitter to take a look.  Anyway to cut a long story shorter the fitter managed to get it running again by squirting dash board cleaner into the intercooler pipe.  Up and running but non the wiser to the cause we were talking and it cut out again briefly.  He then poked around and was able to cause it to cut out on demand.

It was the diesel cuttoff switch which is either faulty or has a bad connection somewhere.  He followed me 20 miles up the A1 without any problems so I carried on back to Louth.

After turning off at Louth it cut out again,  my brother in law got it going again by poking around at the cables (Thanks Marc) and we went back to his house where I slept in the van over night.

Anyway here are the pictures.


Old and New van

As you can see its older, its longer but its not quite as tall.  It needs quite a bit of work doing but it is solid enough.

More to come later as I figure out what to do with it.

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2 thoughts on “New Van, Break Down and pictures

  • dave

    i like your site mate.. i was just wondering if you had any problems insuring the bus, is it motor home insurance or not, also do you just need a standard car licence to drive it?

  • Gromett Post author

    Thanks for the kind words. I chased through all the providers advertised on the website 1 couldn’t quote me due to its size. One wouldn’t quote me no reason given. Of the two that did quote me Campton came through with the much better price. It is Motorhome insurance yes as it is already converted (Badly) so I still have all the work to do again. It needs a C1 license to drive it which I luckily have already taken a couple of years ago to drive my current vehicle.