Next plans

The remaining jobs on my immediate list are as follows;

  • Make box and face for over cab space.
  • Strip out side panels and upgrade insulation,  this is mainly on sliding door side between cab and door.
  • Re-insulate ceiling in shower area and rear compartment.
  • Cut all new ply panels for ceiling and walls.  (the ceiling ones warped due to condensation)
  • Install carpeting material on walls and ceiling where not finished with nice wood.
  • Strip down kitched, redo worksurface with proper counter top.  While the kitchen is out I will fully insulate the side door and fit carpeting.
  • Install new computer table/shelving.
  • Fit underslung gas cylinder
  • Shelve out rear area and install racks/clips etc to keep everything in its place.

After this is all done I am ready to go (Finally(

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