Next section of Vinyl Done

It was a bit of a disaster at the beginning.  I decided to lay the vinyl flat across the whole panel then work into the recesses like the pro’s do.

The difference between me and the pro’s other than experience, knowledge and skill is that they generally have more than one person to do large sheet handling.  I messed up and got sticky side to sticky side which then tore while separating.  This meant I was short to do a full panel so decided to do the big part of the panel separately from the top 8 inches.

Considering the cock up it went on much quicker than my first panel but still there are a few small imperfections.  I can live with these as the van still looks fantastic from normal viewing difference and it is only when you go looking for these imperfections that you can find them.

I also think I picked up some grit when the vinyl hit the floor.  I thought I had caught it but there are some small grit like particles on one section.

I am still happy with the finish overall though and my perfectionist tendencies are having to be subdued.

I have now run out of Vinyl so will be cracking on with the interior again tomorrow.

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