Phew, all the lining done plus more

I was going great guns today and was on track to get all the work done completely but I ran out of daylight…

The bulk head divider and shelving is now fully installed and lined and trimmed.  The side wall and the rest of the ceiling is also now lined and trimmed.  The new table and mount for the computer is installed (roughly).

Tomorrow I need to clear out the Bus completely as the auction ends at around 5pm.  However I am hoping this won’t take me long so that I can remove the table and computer mount and get it installed properly.

I also need to do the corner trim above the bed and reinstall the corner shelves.  At some point over this week I need to make the new shelving for the kitchen and new shelving to surround the monitor mount.

My new fridge is also due to arrive on Monday and I have just realised it may be an inch too big to fit the current cabinet.  I am thinking about how to organise the cabinet now.  I am thinking of moving the fridge to the opposite side and making shelves running all the way across the top and down the right side.  I will fit these shelves with drawers which will allow me to install dividers in the drawers and organise the space more effective…  Watch this space.

No matter what happens now the van WILL be finished this week (excluding finishing touches and trim)

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