Photos of progress so far

It’s not pretty but here is the progress so far.

The outside of the “Bus”

Heating pipes coming from boiler, under bathroom and into living area.

Entrance to Bus, The right hand door has had its pnumatics disconnected and the raised floor has locked it shut.

This is the bed with the water tank to the left (not fitted) and the boiler to the right.

This is the view from the front looking back

This is the view from the back (almost) looking forward.  I am stood about 2 meters from the back of the Bus.

This is the shower room (currently full of junk)

This is the head of the bed, the panel to the left is to separate the driver area from the bed area.
The panel at the bottom right is the access to the vehicle fuses.  The bed is partially framed so far to reserve the space needed.

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