Planning next steps

Due to the way the banks work I may not have any money till Tuesday,  this means Wednesday before any wood can be delivered.  So time to plan next steps to keep me going till then.

I just had a wander up to the Bus and had a look at the jobs that still need to be done and picked apart the ones that I have the materials to do.  I have the following in stock

  • a load of 2″ X 2″ carcassing wood.
  • A box of 3″ screws
  • some half sheets of 5.5mm and 18mm ply

I can’t do anything on the kitchen area yet as I don’t know the actual dimensions of the work surface I will be buying.  That leaves the bench seating.  So tomorrow I will move all the cushions out of the way at the back of the bus and start cutting the carcassing for the seating.  I have decided that the seating will not be accessible from the top like it is in my Eura as that is a pain to access, so I will be putting in doors on the front and sides.  This will allow access to the underseat storage without having to take all the cushions off etc.

I will also make a start on removing all the black paint off the windows that I put on when I had planned on having the bed at the back of the Bus.  I can also have a really good tidy up and organise stuff better for when the wood arrives on tue/wed whichever day I manage to get it sorted for.

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