Playing with my router today.

I finally got round to playing properly with my router today.  Up to now I have just used it for making rounded edges and “attempting” to cut the slots in the mdf boarding.

I made a rather complicated profile strip from Meranti.  It is a 50mm x 50mm piece 1mtr long which has 2 slots of different depths and height running the length and 3 different rounded profiles.

I have varnished it this evening and will post a picture of it prior to installation tomorrow.

The fact that it all went well and fitted to within 1mm has given me the confidence now to start make a load of other parts for the van rather than making do or buying in.  I am going to attempt to make some Meranti veneers with profiles over the next couple of days which will allow me to repair/cover some of my earlier attempts at Lap joints.  These joints although very strong do not look very pretty and actually bring down the quality of the rest of the van.

I also made a jig that allowed me to make all the hinge recesses perfectly and to an even depth and length.  the doors now fit perfectly and it makes such a difference to the finish.

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