Remaining jobs

Although I have made great progress in the last 2 weeks there are still a load of jobs left to do.  However there is only two big ones left the rest are just detailing jobs to make it look good.

I still need to finish the lining in the living area, which involves stripping down the computer work area, removing the ply lining and padding out with insulation.  I then have to replace the lining and install the new solid pine furniture and line the walls/ceiling.   The lining will be one solid piece of material as it will run up the wall then straight across the ceiling.  The only hard part will be matching it up to the existing liner already installed.

The second big job that needs doing is fitting the under slung gas tank which I am aiming to do the week before I leave.

In the meantime I have 100’s of little jobs such as;

  • quadrant beading.
  • Door architrave
  • Small panels with lining material.
  • New electrical panel.
  • Shelving in rear storage area.
  • Shelves for the kitchen.
  • Shelves in the shower.
  • Fitting the voltage regulator
  • Fitting the battery to battery charger

There are loads of other little jobs to do inside but most of these I can do while on the road as they won’t need access to materials or the workshop.

I am starting to feel happy about the little van again.

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