Self Build Quandry

I was going to be doing a self build based on a 7.5T Iveco truck.  Having been fulltiming now for 4 months I am rethinking this.  The size of the truck while not a problem for driving may crimp me in other ways that I am starting to rethink.  I am now looking at using a small bus something like this or like this.

The down sides to this is that I may not be able to get everything in that I wanted to on my initial plans, but the upside is that it will be cheaper to build, smaller and cheaper to run.

I won’t be able to carry a months worth of fresh water or waste and the washing machine may be out of plans.  However due to its smaller size I will be able to get it to places I couldn’t take the truck.

I am starting to price it up and plan the layout to see if I could fit everything in and be comfortable with it.  I also need to do research on the base vehicle to find what the common faults are and how long I can reasonably expect the vehicle to last for me.

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