Self Storage

I need to empty the Bus so I can sell it.  I can’t move stuff into the Van as the storage area at the rear is not finished.  I can’t finish the storage area at the rear until I can fit the under slung gas tank,  I can’t fit the under slung gas tank until…  The list goes on.  It really is a catch 22.

A new Self Storage service has opened up just round the corner and I am thinking about taking a unit on for a month or two just to let me crack on with the work and sell the Bus.

I haven’t got anything done on the Van today unfortunately as one of my clients used a really really really weak password and his email account got exploited by spammers.  I have been fighting the damage all last night and today.  I need a break now so I am going to the pub with friends tonight and will be up very early tomorrow morning to make a start.

The last of the liner material arrived today so I now have everything I need to finish the internals of the Van.  I will hopefully have a very productive weekend.  If I can get the self storage sorted on Monday I can clear it all out so that the van is in a decent state for when I go to the Garage on Tuesday for the MOT.

Things may finally be coming together at last.

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