Shower Room progress

The first job today was to replace this support.  It was going to be for the kitchen work surface but now it makes more sense to extend it all the way to the ceiling and reline the other side.

Upright now replaced.

Then line it,  bit of a job as the sheets to the left are not square due to the other wall sloping inward slightly.

With that done it was time to remove the lining from the roof.  A sharp stanley knife all the way round and it pulled straight off.

Then it was just a case of unscrewing and removing the light fitting.

At this point I realised I couldn’t do much more as I needed to buy some insulation to fill this hole and put behind the 45 degree join between the wall and roof.  I then decided to cut the panel ready and put the supports in place.

I also cut the sheet of wood to size that will mount up there.  I was then stuck for jobs to do as I had run out of screws and didn’t have the insulation.  I decided to test out the sample pack of tiles I had bought.

I have decided I like these tiles and will be doing the rest of the bathroom in them.  They are so easy to cut/fit and look good as well.  Next I started on the frame for the shower.  I got the shower base located where I wanted it and cut the 2 by 2’s that are going to support it.

I tried to get a photo of the whole room but I had left my wide angled lens in the Van.  Here is as good as I could get.

I will take my wide angle lens down next time to see if I can get a better photo.

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