Starting on the finishing wood work

I am now back at Retford for a week or so to sort some final stuff out with the house and a friend of mine who owns a joinery workshop has offered to let me use his equipment to finish it.  Today I made a start on the cupboards above the computer desk.

My first attempt at doing this was a disaster as I had planned on having 3 doors.  When trying to fit this I found that the right hand door caught on the wood where the blinds for the window go.  I am now redoing it with 2 doors.

Door catches being fitted

Doors almost done

Doors mounted 2nd door locking mechanism about to be installed

You can see the big saw in the background that was used to cut the holes out nice and square.  Thanks Chris…

My next post will be a catch up on photo’s to give you some idea of where I am now at and how I got here.

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