Stripping the Van, Caktanks mess up.

I placed an order with CakTanks last wednesday and agreed with them that they would ship on Friday for Delivery Monday.  This would allow me to be there to receive the delivery.  On Monday I checked my bank account online and found that the money hadn’t gone out so I phoned CakTanks to check on the Delivery.  I was told it hadn’t been despatched as there were some parts not in stock.  It would have been nice to be told but mistakes happen.  They told me the items were still not in stock but they could ship out what they had and send the rest in a Jiffy bag later.  I agreed to this and asked that they ship Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday.  I drove the 30 miles to my sisters on Wednesday with intention of stripping the bus out with my Brother in Laws assistance and to fit the boiler, water tank and water pump.

We had a great day stripping the bus out,  unfortunately finding quite a few water leaks in the vehicle.  Some of it was coming in through the back door but some of it appeared to be coming from the radiators.  I have a little bit more work to do than I had thought when I bought the bus but not dramatically so.  Now the Bus is bare I can see the open space available and start planning better.

Anyway, after the last run to the tip at 4pm I got really concerned about the delivery not having arrived.  I phoned CAK tanks who informed me that the delivery had only been sent today……  I was angry to say the least as the delivery would be arriving on Thursday when no one would be around.  Now I am not slamming CAK tanks totally as they were very very helpful when placing the order giving lots of technical advice.  However to screw up the delivery twice on one order and not let the client know on either one is a bit off in my opinion.

So my Brother in Law will get a card through his door and I will have to phone the delivery company up to organise another delivery date.  This inconveniences me and adds costs to the delivery company.  I am looking at getting the parts on Monday now if possible.  So that’s almost a week lost on the build process so far as I won’t be able to start until Tuesday now….

Anyway back to the Bus.  The extra work I have to do includes removing the 2 radiator type heaters.  This is going to be tricky as I have no idea how they connect to the engine and no idea on the process for removing them without affecting the operation of the engines cooling system.  I do want to leave the pipework in place at the front of the bus so I can add a calorifier for hot water at a later date.

The emergency exit door at the back has a small leak at the bottom outer corner which needs sorting.  And the back luggage door is a real bodge job that is beyond repair properly.  I will be removing the back door and the nasty big industrial hinges and putting a fresh aluminium panel over it with a small access door for emptying the waste tanks.

The double doors at the front of the bus are massive.  I will be removing the one nearest to the back of the bus and building a platform to level out the bus floor surrounding this area.  This will extend the usable floor space by a good meter.  The other door will be removed and replaced with a standard hinged door opening outwards.  I think this will have to be custom made due to its width and I will want a large double glazed window putting in so that I can see sideways from the driving seat.

I have taken some photo’s but can’t post them at the moment as my 3G dongle has dropped down to GPRS speeds which is far too slow to upload photo’s.

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